Better Late Than Never: 31 days in

In a typical fashion, I am beginning my travel blog a month late. I arrived in Managua exactly 31 days ago and as usual, haven’t had the desire to write in my blog. But today, today is different. Today I received my housing assignment for Peru, which makes that next chapter of this trip all the more real. But I still have one week left in Nicaragua and I feel like it will be well spent.

So far this trip has been filled with many hours in a freezing classroom, restless humid nights, and good people. Notable experiences are as follows:
           Almost getting struck by lightning in Granada

           Failing completely at diving off a dock in Lagoon Apoyo

           Surfing in San Juan del Sur, and not freaking out too much about the shark in the watersanjuan

           Volcano boarding down the most active cinder cone volcano in the world, and not crashing



Naturally, there have been numerous other events but these five are the ones that stand out the most. Regarding classes at UCA (Universidad de Centroamérica), I’m thankful to have been able to learn about Nicaraguan history, culture and literature. I’m writing this post in my literature class (shh) but I had to write down this poem we read today:

A don Ramón de Campoamor
por Rubén Darío

Éste del cabello cano,
como la piel del armiño,
juntó su candor de niño
con su experiencia de anciano;
cuando se tiene en la mano
un libro de tal varón,
abeja es cada expresión
que, volando del papel,
deja en los labios la miel
y pica en el corazón.